Company Overview

We are pleased to introduce our company 3D Metal Fabrication as a renowned fabrication service provider of good quality in-house fabrication job work. We are specialized in all kinds of fabrication works. We, at 3D metal fabrication company committed to providing best-quality Stainless Steel and Aluminum fabrication work as per customized drawing and specifications. We located, at Mumbai India. We had over 25 years of accumulative experienced in all types of professional fabrication job works. We provided our service, especially in pharmaceutical and food-processing industries. Our strengths are our energetic staff and employees who are dedicated, committed, qualified and always ready to accept challenges. For making challenges possible we have the talented and well trained skill work force, to maintain high quality in production without disturbing the speed and quality of the job.

Why 3D Metal Fabrication?

Only 3D Metal Fabrication is a combine solution of all types of fabrication job work applying neoteric technology machine work with traditional high-skilled Blacksmith work, mainly possible by artistic handwork only. We provide a skill full hand work jobs where machine work is impossible, especially in bending, rounding and shaping the product. Thus, we make impossible work possible by our hand skill work experience.

Company Profile

3D Metal Fabrication House founded by Mr. Sushil Panchal with the aim to provide a combine solution of traditional blacksmith work and modern technology fabrication work to his customer at a single roof. Mr. Panchal's combine knowledge of traditional techniques and modern technology to ensure a lasting quality. We, at 3D Metal Fabrication approach every product as an opportunity to create something unique to individual client's needs, taste and budget, by keeping alive with a long tradition of unmatched quality of fabrication. We are specialized in the custom fabrication of Stainless Steel & Aluminum for pharmaceutical and packaging machinery components as per customer drawing and specifications. In addition, we also conduct Ferrous and Non-ferrous fabrication if required. We fabricate our products using finer quality lab tested material bought from well acknowledged manufactures and dealers. Our Quality Control team inspects the quality of products at various stages of production and finally delivers the premium quality product to the customer. This reputation has been earned by consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers with regard to manufacturing and product excellence supported by exceptional technical service.

how do we work?

In addition to achieve our target first we bring soft copy of AutoCAD, Solid Work or Solid Edge drawing from our customer. Our technical analyst works sincerely on a drawing and prepares unique and meaning full drawing design before starting a job. These technically modified and develop drawing we use for laser cutting. We do all possible work on CNC press brake machine but in spite of that, some artistic remaining work is impossible by CNC machine which we cleverly do by high-skilled manual work and bring the highly accurate finish product which is our specialty. Thus, we have reached the acme of success by perfection in product quality. Due to our high-quality work and expansion service, we create strong client base in International Export Market.

Quality Assurance & Customer Care

At 3D Metal Fabrication we undoubtedly believe that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that meets our customer's expectations. By keeping product merit in mind, we at 3D Metal Fabrication strives to provide on-time, defect-free products of the highest quality, with exceptional customer service. With a commitment to Quality, Continuous Process Improvement, and On-Going Training, each 3D Metal Fabrication employee has a goal to give our customers products and services that meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.

3D Metal Fabrication is dedicated to providing outstanding Customer Service to all our customers. We believe in delivering quality products in a timely manner with a healthy dose of personal attention. 3D Metal Fabrication will provide prompt and accurate answers to all inquiries and concerns, and offer any suggestions which may help ease our customer's problems. Each and every employee at 3D Metal Fabrication is committed to making each of our customers feel they are the most important customer we have!


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