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Housing Magnetic Filter Fabrication

Housing Magnetic Filter Introduction:

Housing Magnetic Filter is a magnetic filter which is mainly installed in pressurized transfer lines for liquid and pastes Mfg. Plants in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. The housing Magnetic Filter system will be used for the food and pharmaceutical industries to remove even the tiniest magnetic metal particles from many different kinds of liquid and paste products.

Housing Magnetic Filter Fabrication Size:

Housing Magnetic is made with 300mm diameter and 500mm height with 3mm thickness or as per customer drawing and specifications.

Housing Magnetic Filter Fabrication Material:

As a Housing Magnetic Filter is a product of pharmaceutical and food processing industries, it must be made from high-definition food-grade Stainless Steel 316quality with the thickness of 3mm.

Housing Magnetic Filter Fabrication Detail:

Housing Magnetic Filter is a product used in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. This Housing Magnetic Filter is made of Stainless Steel 316quality with 3mm thickness. The fabrication skill needed in  internal and external precise x-ray TIG welding, which is an experimental welding process that uses a high powered X-ray source to provide thermal energy required to weld materials. After the welding process precise grinding and smooth buffing done on the product.

Housing Magnetic Filter Application and Use:

The Housing  Magnetic system will be used in food and pharmaceutical industries with products like Chocolates, Syrup, Juice, Sauce, Paste’s, Soup Pickles, Spreads, Beverages, Molasses Jams etc. to remove even the smallest magnetic metal particles.


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