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Aluminium Fabrication is a non-ferrous metal as it didn't consist of iron and due to non-ferrous metal which is more difficult to do fabrication as well as TIG welding on it compare to ferrous metal. Aluminum needs three times more heating power than ferrous metal like stainless steel. Grinding and buffing on Aluminium is quite difficult as it becomes soft and sticky during the Fabrication process.

3D Metal Fabrication is quite capable of doing this type of awkward fabrication job works. Our Aluminium Fabricators are most capable of assembling metals to create product that are applied for various industries.

Some of our customized aluminum fabricated jobs are shown in below these pictures.


Aluminum Structure Fabrication Aerospace Fabrication
Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

Aluminium Fabricator Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication
Aluminium Fabricators


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