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chute fabrication

Chute Introduction:

Chute is a sloping channel of stainless steel fabricated device through which things can be dropped or released. It is a product used in machineries of pharmaceutical industry equipments to load tablets or capsules for packing or other purposes. This is a customize job of stainless steel fabrication made from a stainless steel sheet.

Chute Fabrication Size:

Showing pictures of chute is made with 100mm x 100mm x 70mm (l x b x h) and 16gauge thick stainless steel material, or if it required customize size and need, it will be made as per new customize drawing and specifications.

Chute Fabrication Material:

As chute is a job of pharmaceutical machineries, it must be made with 316quality
stainless steel food grade material.

Chute Fabrication Detail:

This chute is the similar job of small stainless steel fabricated small hopper. As it was used as a pharmaceutical machinery product, it is precisely made with the high-quality food grade 316quality stainless steel materials. The product specialty or importance of this chute is that all four inside corners are abounded, and they made with four separate parts. All four corners and sides of chute is joined and rounded and make them uniformly matched by high finish TIG welding. After welding grinding work done on the job, to give smooth finish end and finally buffing done on the job to reach mirror finishing. All three operations on the job welding, grinding, buffing required a high passion and precise fabrication skillful job work.

Chute Application and Use:

This chute was used for loading tablets or capsules to packaging machinery component.


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