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funnel fabrication

Funnel Introduction:

Funnel is a conical fabricated stainless steel component having a small whole or narrow tube at the apex and used to channel the flow of a substance like liquid or powder in, as into a small-mouthed, container commonly used pharmaceutical industries or packaging industries filling machines. This is a customize job of SS fabrication made from a Stainless Steel sheet.

Funnel Fabrication Size:

Top oval part of funnel is made with (45mm x 130mm) joining narrow bottom of (16mm dia. x 130mm Height ) and 16gauge thick stainless steel material or if it required customize size and need, it will be made as per new customize drawing and specification.

Funnel Fabrication Material:

As Funnel fabrication is a job of pharmaceutical machineries or food-processing machineries, it must be made with 316quality stainless steel food grade material.

Funnel Fabrication Detail:

This Funnel fabrication is a similar job of small fabricated oval hopper. As it was used as pharmaceutical machinery or food-processing machinery component, it was precisely made with the high-quality food grade 316quality SS materials. The Fabrication of Funnel is completed with a single joint of stainless steel sheet. The upper part of funnel is an oval shape, and lower narrow end is hollow round. Upper oval part and lower bore is formed eccentric to each other by manual skilled fabrication work, which is impossible by machine. Finally internal sides of funnel given clear smooth mirrored finish for free flow of material and outer side is fabricated with disable joint with matted finish.

Funnel Application and Use:

Funnels were used in order to pouch packaging machine for filling the products like shampoo, powder, oil, mouth freshener, spices, etc.


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