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Housing Bullet Fabrication

Housing Bullet Introduction:

Housing Bullet is a magnetic separator which is mainly installed in pipeline conveyors to thoroughly separate ferrous metals from bulk materials in pharmaceutical and food industries. The housing Bullet will be used for the food and pharmaceutical industries for removing of tramp iron materials like bolts nuts washers etc. from powder and granular type material.

Housing Bullet Fabrication Size: 

Housing Bullet is made with 250mm diameter and 400mm height with 3mm thickness or as per customer drawing and specifications.

Housing Bullet Fabrication Material:

As a Housing Bullet is a product of pharmaceutical and food processing industries, its contact part must be made from high-definition food-grade Stainless Steel 316quality with the thickness of 3mm.

Housing Bullet Fabrication Detail:

Housing Bullet is a product used in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. This Housing Bullet contact part is made of Stainless Steel 316quality with 3mm thickness. The fabrication skill is needed in internal and external precise TIG welding.  After the welding process precise grinding and smooth buffing done on the product. When housing door locked bullet stayed in the center and housing managed leaked proofed of the product.

Housing Bullet Application and Use:

The Housing Bullet will be used in food and pharmaceutical industries with products like granulate, grain and dry powders industries for removing of tramp iron materials like bolts nuts washers etc.


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