Rectangular Hopper Fabrication Rectangular Hopper Fabrication Rectangular Hopper Fabrication

Rectangular hopper fabrication

Rectangular Hopper Introduction:

Rectangular Jacketed Hopper is a job of Stainless Steel Fabrication container used to flow a bulk material such as tablets, capsules, medicine powder, ointment downward and can discharge its contents. A tapering container, working with a hopping motion, through which above material passed into a machine. This is a customize job of SS fabrication made from a Stainless Steel sheet. This hopper was generally fitted on top of the machines.

Rectangular Hopper Fabrication Size:

Showing pictures of Rectangular Jacketed Hopper is made with 500mm x 700mm x 500mm (l x b x h), 100mm corner radius and 14gauge stainless steel material, or if it required customize size and need, it will be made as per new customize drawing and specification, or if it required customize size and need, it will be made as per new customize drawing and specification.

Rectangular Hopper Fabrication Material:

As Rectangular Jacketed Hopper is SS fabricated job used in pharmaceutical machineries or food-processing machineries, its contact part must be made with 316quality stainless steel 16gauge food-grade material. External part of hopper is fabricated by 304quality SS material. Both inner and external wall of hopper are made hollow for hot-water circulation. Both walls of hopper were high finish {0.48 Ra (Ám)} smooth finishing by buffing.

Rectangular Hopper Fabrication Detail:

This Rectangular Jacketed hopper was used as pharmaceutical machinery or cosmetic filling machinery component, its contact part was made with the high-quality food grade 316quality SS materials. Upper part of hopper is curved rectangle while lower part is elliptical joined with taper ends. Lower cone and upper shell of hopper are separate, and they precisely joined with each other an edge to edge in both inner and outer side of hopper. Inner finishing of hopper is mirrored and external finish of hopper is matted or as per requirement.

Rectangular Hopper Application and Use:

Rectangular Jacketed hopper is suitable for high speed filling machines of ointment, lotions, cosmetic cream, balms, gums, paste; jell in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


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