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Sieve Magnet Grill Frame Fabrication

Sieve Magnet Grill Introduction:

Sieve Magnet grill is a grill fabricated using stainless steel tubes, which has a line of permanent disc magnets to generate high magnetic forces. Magnetic grill fits under the screens of all brands of vibratory sieve, which protect the product from ferrous contamination.

Sieve Magnet Frame Fabrication Size:

Sieve Magnet Frame is made with 500mm diameter and 40mm height with 3mm thickness or as per customer drawing and specifications.

Sieve Magnet Frame Fabrication Material:

As Sieve Magnet Grill Frame is a product of pharmaceutical and food processing industries, its contact part must be made from high-definition food-grade Stainless Steel 316quality with the thickness of 3mm.

Sieve Magnet Grill Frame Fabrication Detail:

Sieve Magnet Grill Frame is a product used in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The grill frame consists of three parts top flange, bottom flange and vertical ring in the middle. All three parts of frame uniformly fabricated and joined by TIG welding. While doing TIG welding precaution taken in such a way that the frame should not be destroyed. The vertical ring consist eight holes opposite side, which are symmetrical and parallel to each other.

Sieve Magnet Grill Application and Use:

Sieve Magnet Grill will be used in food and pharmaceutical industries for separation of iron particles mixed with dry, granular or free flowing products like sugar, Coffee, Tea, Grains, Pulses, Flour, Spices, Milk powder etc.


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