Tie-up in Fabrication

Tie-up is an agreement between two or more companies or organization to become business partners to achieve a particular target. Tie-up is working together situation when something cannot be done alone but needed to be done and for this work to finish normal, two companies come together and achieve their progress.

3D Metal Fabrication is in a position to secure more orders for any type of metal fabrication works for new fabrication companies who are looking for opportunities to grow the business. We at 3D Metal Fabrication can offer you the right fabrication tie up for foreign companies to get their fabrication works done in India at highly competitive rates.

Only 3D Metal Fabrication is a combine solution for all types of fabrication job work applying Neoteric technology machine work with traditional high-skilled blacksmith works mainly possible by artistic handwork only. We provide a skill full handwork job where machine work is impossible, especially in bending, rounding, forming and shaping the product. Thus, we make the impossible work possible by our hand skill work experience.


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